Training Modules

Training Modules provide detailed information on procedures used in performing important tasks to get the job done. Still have questions? Just contact us or call us at 661-702-9165. We will respond to your question in a timely manner.


This set of workshops provide detailed information on procedures used in performing important tasks in getting a job done. Safety is always a key focus, but also using the properp tools and safe practices to achieve a positive end result.

  • Carpet Care and Maintenance ~ Cleaning For Health (Indoor Air Quality)
  • Schedule “Snapbak” Surface Maintenace
  • Wood Floor Care Maintenance and Refinishing (Certification Class)
  • Restroom Care and Maintenance Proper Use of Disinfectants
  • Personal Protective Devices and Procedures
  • Athletic Facility Care and Maintenance
  • The Green Purchase Proposition – “Buying performance based products that are green”.
  • Market Action Planning – Distributor Consultant Program Building out a territory.
  • Getting to know your customer.
  • Leasing to own. It all has to add up…
  • Hard Floor Care and Maintenance Daily Maintenance
  • Restorative Maintenance
  • Tile & Grout Surface Identification and Maintenance
  • Proper Use of Bio-Enzyme Products
  • School Site Maintenance: Classroom Care and Maintenance


This set of training modules is designed to educate on the types of pre-planning, or analysis that is available to help determine a proper product and/or procedure that would be used to perform a task. This includes chemical comparison, machine comparison, customer needs analysis and more.

  • The Pencil Purchasing of Equipment – Power in numbers!!!
  • Sizing the right piece of equipment for the task, and budget at hand.
  • What your customer needs (Product Mix).
  • Cost Calculation and Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Adminstrative Office Maintenance